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01_Vacuum Tanker Services.png

Specialised Tankers for collection, transport and disposal of bulk waste. ADR Spec to safely transport liquids, dry waste and heavy solids.

floor cleaning.png

Professional cleaning of hard floor surfaces and carpets. Degreasing and cleaning of machines, plant and equipment tailored to the industry required. 

01_Drain Cleaning & CCTV Inspection.png

Drainage cleaning and unblocking to industrial and domestic customers. CCTV inspection and reporting.

01_Tank and Vessel Cleaning.png

From confined space entry to automated jetting machines we can clean tanks and vessels using state of the art and revolutionary technology.  

01_Paint Plant Services.png

Full paint plant cleaning management within spray booths and paint plants. Cleaning of air handling units and filter replacement and disposal. 

01_Paint Plant Services.png

Repackaging and safe handling of hazardous material and liquids. Hazardous waste transfer into IBC's , Drums and other waste containers. We also offer an all in one solution with transport and disposal service.

01_Deep Cleans.png

Full deep cleaning services to the industrial, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, food and beverage and commercial industry.

01_Builders Clean.png

Ongoing projects and one off deep cleaning following building and remedial works. 

high level cleaning1.png

Cleaning and restoration of Exterior Cladding using non abrasive and environmentally friendly products specifically chosen for the variety of cladding on the external building or office. 


Sempre Services provide a full range of Industrial and Specialist cleaning services to the commercial industry. Focusing on safety, we utilise new and innovative technology to  ensure a cost effective and high quality service to our clients. 

01_Jet Washing.png

High Pressure, UHP and Jet Washing services.

01_UAV Drone Surveying.png

A cost effective, safe and practical way of completing inspections, surveys and thermal imaging reports. 

high level cleaning1.png

High Level cleaning of commercial and industrial spaces both internal and external. This can include ductwork, roof space and hazardous dust removal. 

01_ICE Blasting.png

Dry ice blasting is a simple, nonabrasive cleaning process  for removing surface contaminants without the use of chemicals, abrasive materials, high temperatures, or steam. 

confined space.png

When alternative methods are not effective be safe in the knowledge Sempre can supply a highly trained confined space team.

01_24-7 Response.png

24/7 Spill Response, Environmental Emergencies and Industrial Cleaning Emergencies and support. 

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